Indonesian Week is an Indonesian art and culture event that takes place for a week at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan. Beginning in 2002, Indonesian Week initially aimed to promote Indonesian language classes through music and drama performances. As time goes on, Indonesian Week has become the biggest Indonesian arts and culture event in Japan that has involved more than 30,000 participants and spectators from Indonesia and the international community at Ritsumeikan APU from more than 80 countries since the start of its commencement.

      Indonesian Week has been introducing various programs annually, and this year Indonesian Week 2019 is coming with the theme of "Unravel Indonesia, Journey Beyond The Horizon", which aims to dig deeper into various Indonesian cultures and introduce them to the international community. The series of Indonesian Week 2019 events consists of the Parade Senin! - Grandeur of Indonesia, SumARTra - A Glimpse of West Indonesia (Monday), Tabi (旅) - Tales from Bali (Tuesday), Borneo Quest - Mystery of the Tribe (Thursday), and Grand Show (Friday). The series of events will be accompanied by Indonesian Corner - Batavia 1980 and Ethnic Food - A Taste of Celebes which was available in the cafeteria throughout the week.


Join us on the extraordinary and adventurous journey across Indonesian cultures from Sabang to Merauke!


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